Take Your Game to New Heights

Fostering the love of football from a young age is crucial if you want your kid to take it up as a hobby or professionally. It is good to engage kids in football from a young age because it has several physical benefits.

Early Exposure

Running, exercising and learning fundamental football skills will help your child to build endurance and stamina. Early exposure to the sport will help build a strong foundation for them and be useful in the long run. Kids also learn team discipline, coordination and how to work together with other players. 

Introduce Football Yourself

You can introduce the basics of football in a fun and engaging way so the child develops an interest in the sport. You can do this at home and take your child to the nearby park for regular practice. They can also learn the sport by watching and observing. Nowadays there are so many videos and tutorials available on the internet that can be very useful for budding players. The other option is to make your kids join professional clubs.

Find Football Clubs

There are various training programs for kids and even toddlers if you want to enroll your child in one. Do thorough research to find a club or football academy appropriate for your child. The coaches in such clubs are well-qualified. They have special training on how to teach the young footballers and make them more motivated. They are experienced and can also provide psychological support to handle all challenges that come with learning soccer. 

Club Environment and The Training Programs

When taking your kids to a club or training program, you also need to take into account the environment that the club or academy has. This is all the more important when it comes to children. You would not want them to learn the sport in a very stressful environment. At this stage, the focus should be to let the kids have fun, while learning and polishing skills. A child should be allowed to progress at his or her own pace and there shouldn’t be any unrealistic expectations or targets. When a child participates in team competitions and games it boosts their confidence. It teaches them sportsman spirit and team bonding when you get together to play for a common goal that is to win for your team.

Football That Offers Reliability

Find your kid a football that can enhance his/her performance and make him/her have more fun. Go for Gash-197 - it is ideal for footballers aged 6 to 9 years. Made from TPU material the ball offers strength and durability. It has a 6 panel design and synthetic rubber winded bladder that promises retention of shape. The ball size is 5 and the unique design in red and black swirls makes it all the more attractive. Your child will surely love Gash-197. It is priced at Rs. 2,299, which is an honest price. Weighing around 360 grams, the ball is just the right weight for junior players. Buy Gash-197 if you want a ball that promises consistency and durability. 


You can find an impressive football academy that can train you and you can find perfect football too. But the key to success is training and practicing regularly. Consistency will help you improve on all aspects of the game. The more you play, the better you will get at it. Incorporate exercises that challenge you and help build stamina.