Training to be a Footballer

Football is fun, but we all know that to play like Messi or Ronaldo doesn’t come that easy. These football stars have worked hard and spent hours and hours of practice to reach where they are. Today they have attained the status of legends and that comes after a lot of hard work. They are living proof that to develop skills takes a lot of focus and dedication. With hard work and self-confidence you can perfect the skills over time. If you have the talent, then work on it and let the star in you shine.

For Aspiring Footballers

Those of you who are aspiring to be footballers, you can start planning ahead because it is not that easy to get into professional football. It is important that from the age 8 or 9, kids start practicing regularly. They can join school teams, local clubs or professional academies where they can be guided in an organized manner. These clubs can help the young stars in their journey to become  professional players. 

Find a Good Club or Academy

Explore the choices you have around. Meet different coaches and talk to people in the field for guidance. Look for age-appropriate training programs and qualified coaches. Make the best of practicing opportunities because football is all about learning with repetition and practice. 

Learning basic skills will teach you about ball control, goal scoring and how to defend. Move on from learning basic defensive skills like dribbling, shooting and passing. You should be aware of your strong and weak areas and that comes with more exposure. Coaches can identify talent and observe what you yourself may not be aware of. They are able to provide psychological support as well. In a professional environment,

children can improve their skills and performance levels. When targets are given and matches are played you discover how you can play under pressure. Competing in different competitions enhances self-esteem and gives the young athletes a sense of achievement that plays a crucial role in building their confidence.

Find the Good Ball

Apart from finding a good academy, also be sure to get a quality football. A professional player deserves a good quality ball that can get him the performance he/she aims for. This is where Garnet-70 comes in. The football is machine stitched with a traditional 32 panel design. TPU material boasts of superior quality. Garnet-70 not only offers reliability but also looks great. It has a shiny finish so you can count on a smooth flight of the ball.

Red and Black stripes with yellow lines shining on it gives it an attractive appearance. It is the standard 5 size that is used for matches or competitions. Garnet-70 is an ideal choice for entry level play. You can look at all the details before buying the ball. But at a price of Rs. 2,399 it is not a bad option. 


The sooner you start practicing for football the better it is. Football will not only teach young kids about the sport but they will also become physically fit and better at social skills. It also builds self-confidence and you learn how to respect others and work as a team. Select a club that has a professional environment and where you also have fun while training. If the fun element is there, then you perform better as well. Also check if the coaches are qualified and the academy or club offers appropriate equipment. The equipment and ball should be age-appropriate to make sure the player can play to the best of their ability.