Elevate Your Game

When you are passionate about any sport, you want to give it your all. You want to play it to the extent that you become perfect at it. It is understandable that you would want a quality ball, the finest football equipment and the top competitors around to take your game to the next level and have a time of your life.

Regarding having quality equipment or a good ball that should not be an issue because you can get quality footballs in the market if you search for them. Football is a very popular sport and you can get all kinds of varieties of football at different price points. You must know what you actually want in a football before you head out to get it. You can also check out these footballs online and read about their features.

For those football enthusiasts who are from 6 to 9 years, Duke-199 may be the answer for you. The football is absolutely stunning to look at. It has bright blue, green and pink curved lines that run around it, enhancing its beauty. It will stand out on the field and you can easily locate it. 

Other than its attractive appearance, Duke-199 is also a good quality football and can withstand intense practice sessions. Made from TPU material it is durable and you can trust it to give you the performance you desire. It is machine-stitched and has a 12 panel design. The 5 size soccer ball is also appropriate for young players because that is the official size used in regular matches. Practicing with it will enhance your performance because you get used to playing with size 5. Duke-199 is also not very expensive. You can buy it for Rs. 1,948 which is a decent amount for a good quality football.

So once you are sure you have a reliable football, you can focus on your training and improve your performance. Everyone is aware that football is a dynamic sport that demands endurance, speed, agility and a player must be physically fit to attain these traits. Beginners must include strength training in their daily routine. They can also focus on improving their speed because football is a fast-paced game. You see players running with the ball from one corner to the other and if you can’t catch up, you won’t be able to deliver results. 

Another important aspect of football practice is training for specific positions that you think you are good at. For example you may be better as a goalkeeper or a defender. There are other positions like forward or midfielder and you need to include position-specific drills in your training to improve in those specific categories. You can analyze your personal skill set and work out which position would be good for you and if you are unable to do so then get professional help. 

A good coach can identify and guide which position you are best suited for and can train you accordingly. He/she will assess individual skills like shooting, dribbling, tackling and ball control. The coach will also evaluate your physical abilities, speed, endurance, tactical awareness, footwork and technical strengths. Accordingly he/she will include drills and exercises that can help you build on your strengths. 

Your success as a player depends on this foundation because the position you play at should compliment your strengths as a player. You may need to experiment a little on different positions to work out which one is meant for you, because as a player you are always evolving and growing so always be open to experimentation.