Football Needs Commitment

Football enthusiasts who take up this sport to get into professional football, need to pursue it with full commitment. Only a select few make it to elite football and to be among them you need to be among the best. This is a tough job but not impossible. Along with passion for the sport, you need self-discipline, hard work and technical skills. 

If you want to be among the champions, then do not settle for anything less than the best. Get the best training if you can, tackle all challenges and select the best guidance. Since we are talking about all things to be perfect, we all deserve reliable quality football as well

Get The Right Ball

Explore all the options and identify which football type gives you control and lets you perform the way you want to. In the market, you can find different variations, but you need to do your research and be an informed buyer. Whether you want hand-sewn football or machine made one is entirely your choice. Affix-129 is one such football in the hand sewn category that is suited for young athletes above 14 who are looking to step into professional football. The sleek design with black and red razor sharp edges looks sophisticated. The ball has 32 panels and weighs 430G. It comes in size 5 and is priced at Rs. 2,499 only. You can check all the features and details before buying it to know if it is your kind of ball.

Get Professional Help

Once you have the football sorted, focus on your game. Learn how to broaden your skill set and work on your weaknesses. It is best to enroll in a professional club that provides structured training and can help you reach your potential. The guidance you get from your clubs or coaches can help shape your career. 

Emotional Support Required

At the age of 14, the young athletes need professional help as well as emotional support to manage the demands of the sport and the toll they can take on the players. Football is just not a game, there is a lot more that goes into it, if you want to take it up seriously. You need to eat right, be fit and practice rigorously. This can be a little overwhelming for the players who want to have fun as well.

Enjoy the Game

It must be taken into consideration that the young players must enjoy the game to keep them going. If they love the sport, they will strive harder, but if the coach or the club doesn’t lend emotional or psychological support then things can become tough. You do not want to discourage the player at any cost. 

Team Support

Football is a team sport and you need to get along with others as well. One must understand that every individual will have their weaknesses and strengths and all players must respect them. Some players will be natural leaders and some will be more comfortable in their assigned roles. You need to discover which role is for you and respect that. Those who are mentally tough will always pull through and become a support for their team. In football, team support counts a lot because you will together experience many disappointments as well as some great moments. Here you can build some lifelong relations.