The Transitional Phase in Football

Football is played at all levels in streets, schools, colleges, academies and professional clubs. It is very popular with young kids who start learning the sport from very early on. It is an easy sport to learn because all you require is a football, but to be at the top of the game there is more to it. You may have natural skills but you need to polish them to be among the elite athletes. Only the best players make it to the professional level. We all know that being in the professional category comes with a lot of effort, training and hard work. So if you are serious about football and not pursuing it as a hobby or a fun sport, then there are a few things you ought to know. 

  • First of all, get your basics right and approach the game with more focus and zeal. There should be a systematic approach. Step forward from the fundamentals and learn new skills and tricks of the sport to broaden your skill set. 
  • Apart from physical, tactical, technical and strategic skills, mental toughness is also a factor that is often taken very lightly. During the action packed competitions, it is mental toughness and determination that identifies the tough players. Having skills is just not enough in today’s age, you need to learn how to perform under pressure and play with confidence.
  • Discipline yourself in all aspects. Exercise and practice regularly. Eat nutritious food and maintain healthy sleep habits. Yes, pursuing professional football means making a lifestyle change.  
  • Get the correct football size. When young kids who are in their adolescence are learning the sport it is crucial to make them practice with age-appropriate football. These come in all sizes and materials so it is best to do some research before you go to buy a football for your training sessions. If you start practicing with a big size you will end up feeling frustrated because it will be difficult to control, pass and shoot. The ball sizes start from 2 with size 2 being the smallest and size 5 is for adults or professional players. 
  • Go for quality footballs that promise durability. At entry level, find a ball that gives you best control and helps you perform better. You can opt for machine stitched balls with 32 panels. Just be sure they support and enhance your performance rather than hindering it.


If you are at the transitional stage of playing football and want to move from the entry level to the next phase, then check the quality footballs available at affordable prices. Not only are these reasonably priced but also offer durability. You can spend years of training with these and perfect your skills. Optimist-74 is one such ball that is meant for football lovers from age 9 to 14. The ball is beautifully designed, the bright red, neon green and blue colors stand out on the white football. This ball is size 5 with a thread winded bladder. It weighs 430 G and the material used is TPU textured material. The football is available at Rs 2,399 only which is not bad at all. It is a good option that can give you your money’s worth. Step into the new phase of the sport with a football you can trust.