A cricketer who is just starting out his career and is new to the game may feel lost when it comes to buying a bat for himself. He may get overwhelmed by the range of choices available in the market. If there is no proper guidance, he may end up buying the wrong bat size. An inappropriate bat size may not allow him to play to his full potential. It is crucial to get a bat that supports your performance or you may just get frustrated and in the worst case scenario a wrong choice of bat can result in an injury. A prolonged injury makes a player lose form and just at the start of your career no one wants that.

So how do you determine which cricket bat size is the one for you? There are laws for cricket bats set by the International Cricket Council (ICC). But you cannot expect a teenager to be aware of these rules right from the start. A coach or an elder familiar with the game can guide the teenagers or the budding athletes can get professional help. And if none of these are available then you can always do your research from the internet. It is best to be an informed buyer so your money is not wasted. First and foremost, let's study what the ICC recommends when it comes to cricket bat sizes.

ICC Cricket Bat Sizes

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has clear guidelines regarding bat sizes, but of course you can make your choice based on what kind of bat you're comfortable with. Cricket bat size will include the length, width and depth. According to the ICC, the length of the bat should not exceed 38 inches and the width should not be more than 4.25 inches. As for the depth, it should be at the most 2.64 inches.

Cricket Bat Sizes Influence Performance 

A batsman should be aware that a bat size can change the way you play. Big bats that come with thick edges let you hit powerful shots. When you hit the ball hard, with big bats the ball travels faster and farther also. Such bats can be very beneficial when playing T20s. With bigger bats, the sweet spot is also larger giving the batsmen the benefit of playing all kinds of strokes. 

Some people are of the view that when you have powerful and bigger bats it changes your style of batting because your focus shifts on hitting the ball hard to play big shots rather than focusing on technique and timing. There are all kinds of arguments regarding bat sizes but it all comes down to how you feel when you hold a particular bat and whether it allows you to play your best or not. 

Collection of Bats by VerveLine

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