When you are at the hitting crease there is a lot of pressure to deliver. At that moment with the full stadium watching you and the opponents ready to send you back to the pavilion, the fielders and the bowlers in the attacking mode, there is only one thing you can count on - your bat. It is all the support you have that can make you win or lose. Yes, that is the importance of this piece of wood. It is with this bat that you can score and perform. Hence, there should not be a compromise on choosing a right bat for yourself.

Cricket Bats Must Support Your Style

Having said that, it does not mean that you spend all your budget on getting an expensive bat. An expensive bat doesn’t determine quality. Talent is the basic requirement and then comes practice and training to perfect your skills. Having the right gear is also crucial because it impacts your performance. 

For those who are starting out in cricket, there can be a confusion on how to get the right bat that will help them develop their batting technique. Coaches and senior professionals can help the budding cricketers in this regard. In cricket academies, coaches should provide information on how different bats are meant for different requirements and which bat can help a particular batsman.

Experiment with Different Bats

Also, during training sessions, the young athletes should be given the opportunity to experiment with different bats because a cricket bat length or a bat size will definitely affect your playing style. Players should understand how a certain kind of bat will perform. There is no better way of learning than being given the experience to play with different kinds. It helps aspiring cricketers to get the feel of bats with different shapes, sizes and lengths and to practically hit shots using these. This can help them learn which bat supports their batting techniques and helps them perform better. 

Cricket Bat Length

You just cannot pick any cricket bat length when you buy a bat. It has to be in proportion to your body size, height and physique to make it comfortable for you to play your innings. A bat has two main parts; the handle and a blade and the overall length is calculated by combining these two. 

According to cricket law, the overall length must not be more than 38 in/96.52 cm. There are different cricket bat lengths available from size 3 to full size bats for professionals. Size three c½ to 38.

Kids and teenagers must start with a bat that is in proportion to their size and is comfortable to handle. As they evolve their batting style and move from an amateur level to a more advanced stage they can also change their bat. 

VerveLine Bats are a Class Apart

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