Bat is an important tool for the batsman no doubt. Hence, some players are very particular about the brand or type of bat they use and may not opt for any other. Take the example of Sachin Tendulkar who always used a heavy bat for batting. He also endured injuries time and again probably due to the use of a heavy bat. But no one could convince him to use a lighter bat. According to the talented cricket star himself a lighter bat affected his timing, thus he always stuck to a heavy one.

Every player over a period of time develops his own batting technique and gets comfortable with a specific type of bat and it gets very difficult to get out of this comfort zone. They want to play it their way. Therefore, it is crucial to get comfortable with the right kind of bat as it can also influence your batting style and performance in the long run.

Can Brands be Trusted

Some athletes are very brand conscious and are of the view that only brands should be trusted for quality playing experience. They do not like to experiment with cheap products and only go for those cricket bat brands that have a reputation for producing top class sports products. This is not wrong of course, but at times you can get good quality from brands that may not be as known. Considering a brand name should not be the only priority when choosing a bat, but there are many other factors worth looking into. You must buy a bat that helps your batting technique and is easy for you to use. Check its grip and the way it allows you to perform. 

There are many cricket bat brands that cricketers prefer and when successful players are associated with particular brands it creates more customers. Keep in mind that these might be just brand endorsements and may have more to do with a marketing strategy than quality. Therefore, other than the brand name, check the features, specifications and other factors that are important to you. 

Sports market is full of all kinds of brands, some in the top category, while others are still trying to make their presence felt. There is a lot of competition in the industry and only the best survive. Some of the top cricket bat brands famous cricketers have been using include big names like Gray-Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Kookaburra, Adidas and many others. All these brands offer varied models to suit players with different preferences. 

VerveLine by Uniswift

Among these brands there is another one making news. VerveLine by Uniswift is one of the top brands for playing experience. 

collection and also a pro series assortment of bats. Those who have used VerveLine bats have only positive reviews to give. If you are in two minds as to which bat is the one for you then get a professional’s advice. Although it is best to try with a few bats to find out what type works for you. Whichever bat you select, you can trust VerveLine to give you quality and durability.oviding top notch quality of bats to cricket enthusiasts. Uniswift is already a name to reckon with in the sports product industry and VerveLine is its extension. It goes without saying that VerveLine believes in excellence as well and is set to provide its customers with a satisfying offer.