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Get ready to dominate the field with the ThermoStrike Football, designed to ignite your game with striking precision. Packed with advanced features and crafted with superior quality, this football offers exceptional performance and durability that will keep you ahead of the competition.


 The red and black design on a white base not only looks stunning but also ensures high visibility during play, so you can always keep your eye on the ball in the field.


Weighing in at 430 grams, the ThermoStrike Football provides the perfect balance of speed and control, making it ideal for lightning-fast dribbles and powerful shots. This optimal weight enhances your performance.

 Thermo-bonded construction

The cutting-edge thermobonded construction delivers a seamless surface, reducing water uptake and boosting durability. This advanced technology ensures superior aerodynamics and a consistent flight pattern, giving you the edge in every match.Anli texture China material, 1mm thick

Made from premium Anli texture material, this football offers an exceptional grip and feel. The 1mm thickness enhances durability and control, allowing you to maneuver with precision and confidence.

 Patch bladder

Equipped with a patch bladder, the ThermoStrike Football maintains optimal air retention, keeping the ball perfectly inflated and ensuring it retains its shape. The bladder also provides excellent bounce capability, ensuring consistent performance and responsiveness during play.

 32-panel design

Featuring a classic 32-panel design, the ThermoStrike Football provides a reliable and balanced flight pattern. This time-tested design is favored by players for its consistency and true trajectory, making it a trusted choice on the field.

Size 5 Ball

The ThermoStrike Football is a competition-level Size 5 ball, ideal for players aged 12 and up. This standard size is perfect for youth leagues, high school teams, and adult recreational play.