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Introducing the Savage Football, your ideal entry-level ball designed for young players to enhance their skills and build confidence on the field. Whether they're just starting or looking to improve their game, this entry-level ball is their perfect companion for every match.


At 430 grams, the Savage Football offers the perfect balance, ensuring optimal performance and control during play. Its ideal weight helps young players develop skills with ease, making every kick, pass, and dribble more precise and enjoyable.

Machine-stitched construction

The machine-stitched construction ensures durability and a consistent feel across the entire surface of the ball. This makes it ideal for frequent use during training sessions and matches, providing reliable performance that helps players build their skills effectively.


· The TPU Matt material at 3.5 mm thickness provides a soft touch, making it easier for young players to control the ball. This material also enhances the durability of the ball, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of regular play and practice sessions.

· The PC 130 fabric layer adds an extra level of reinforcement, helping the ball maintain its shape and structure over time.

32-panel Design

The 32-panel design ensures excellent flight stability and precision making it a reliable choice for every kick and pass. This design helps the ball maintain a true trajectory when kicked, making it easier for young players to develop their aim and accuracy during play.

Standard size 5 ball

The standard Size 5 ball is suitable for young players aged 9 to 14 years. This size is perfect for youth leagues and school teams, helping players to transition smoothly as they grow and their skills develop.