Sting (kids series)

Rs.1,679.00 Rs.2,099.00

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  • Wooden bat Rawalakot wood
  • Non Cane handle
  • Regular handle grip
  • Black/Yellow color
  • Kids series

Introducing the Sting Kids Series Wooden Bat, crafted from premium Rawalakot wood to ignite young cricket enthusiasts. Its sturdy construction guarantees powerful hits and improved control. The simple wooden handle offers a traditional and comfortable grip, nurturing proper batting technique. Designed for budding players, the Sting Kids Series Wooden Bat embodies durability and precision, fostering skill development.

Whether for friendly matches or skill-building sessions, this bat combines quality and performance, making cricket both educational and enjoyable. Lay the foundation for a lasting cricket passion with the Sting Kids Series Wooden Bat, where each swing shapes their cricket journey.