Centurion (kids series)

Rs.1,838.00 Rs.2,298.00

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  • Wooden bat Rawalakot wood
  • Non cane handle
  • Regular handle grip
  • Black color
  • Regular series

Introducing the Centurion Kids Series Wooden Bat, expertly crafted from premium Rawalakot wood, renowned for its outstanding performance. Engineered to inspire young cricketers, this bat promises a balance of power and control. Its simple wooden handle ensures a comfortable grip, fostering proper technique and confident swings.

Designed with budding players in mind, the Centurion Kids Series embodies durability and precision, nurturing the skills of tomorrow's cricket stars. Equip your young champion with this exceptional wooden bat, blending tradition with innovation, and watch as they embark on their journey to become true centurions on the cricket field