The two main pieces of equipment required for a cricket match are a bat and a ball. If you are aspiring to be a cricketer, then understanding the significance of the quality of these equipment is essential. Getting the right bat can up the game and support your performance. A solid bat generates more power and you will feel more comfortable using it.

It should not be too heavy so as to hinder your performance. You must be able to lift it easily to score those precious 4s and sixers. However, do keep in mind that you must purchase a bat not considering your physical strength alone but should also take into account your technical strengths as a cricketer. With a good bat, the risk of injury is also reduced so always invest in quality bats.

Bats come in all sizes, qualities and materials with different features and specifications. So before you select a bat for yourself, the few things to keep in mind are as follows.

Your Age and Game Level

The bats for kids are obviously different from those that are for adults and professionals. A beginner would want to use a lightweight bat that is easy to swing. As you perfect the game, you can move on to a heavier bat that allows more power. 

Your Body Strength and Build

Needless to say that it will be tough for a weak person to handle a heavy bat, while a tall and well-built man can use it more effectively. 

Weight of the Bat

Cricket bats for adults are typically available in weights ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. Which one you get depends on your personal preference, your batting skills and strength. You can experiment with different styles and weights to find which one compliments your batting style. Chris Gayle and David Warner preferred heavier bats and gave many memorable performances using it.

Type of Cricket

Nowadays with T20s trending more, cricket has become fast-paced. For shorter matches, where you need to score faster, players prefer light bats that can give them more swing. For longer innings, heavier bats are suitable so they can be used for longer duration. 

Also, if you are an aggressive player who likes to hit hard, then heavier bats will work for you. For those who focus more on the placement shots and play defensively, they can opt for lighter bats.

Playing Conditions

Playing conditions also play a huge part in the game of cricket. In wet conditions, cricketers prefer heavier bats that can carry the ball further easily through the damp pitch.

Quality of the Bat

A good quality willow bat shows 6 to 12 grains. 6 grained willow bats are softer. Top end willow bats have 7 to 10 straight grains. Some try to imitate the look of natural grains so be wary of such bats selling in the market. 


Along with other factors, you also have to consider your pocket. Don’t go overboard and spend too much, but also don’t get very cheap ones. Be sure to get something worthwhile in a reasonable amount that can give you a performance worth the money you spend. Spending money on low quality bats will be wasting it. Make sure to get something within budget but of the best quality. 

Those of you, for whom cricket is more than a hobby or pastime, you should definitely invest in superior quality bats to get the best performance.