Knowing About Soccer Balls 

Be it soccer or  American football, the game revolves around the ball so it is an important piece of equipment that you must choose with care. 

Soccer Ball VS football

Football and Soccer are one and the same thing in most parts of the world. In America, football is called soccer and American football is a little different game in which an oblong shaped ball is used. This is also played in Canada. 


  • Soccer balls are round in shape and are mostly made of synthetic materials or leather.
  • Another prominent difference is that a football has a circumference of 56 cm, while the soccer ball circumference ranges from 68 to 70 cm. 
  • Also the length of the football can be 28cm. 
  • The American football weighs 0.875 pounds and a soccer ball can be 410 to 450 gm in weight. 
  • In American football you can use your hands or feet to score the goals, whereas in soccer using the hands is a big “no”. In soccer, the players can score a goal by using their chest, head or feet but not hands.


But there are some similarities between the two sports as well. 

  • Both have teams of 11 players who face off in a competition.
  • Soccer and football are both contact sports that are played on rectangular fields. The dimensions of these can vary.

Soccer Balls Come in Different Qualities

Soccer balls come in all kinds of qualities and designs. Leather balls are expensive but worth it since they will last longer. They are of better quality as compared to synthetic balls. The touch and feel of the leather soccer ball is different and can improve your playing experience.

For serious players, a leather ball is recommended. Having said that, it doesn’t mean synthetic balls are not good enough. They have their plus points as well. First of all, these are cheaper. Synthetic balls are also more water resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor play. 

What to Look for when Buying the Ball?

When buying the ball the purpose for which you are getting is important and needs to be taken under consideration. Is it for a fun match or do you want to use it for training and or for professional competitions? Obviously the ones used by professionals are of superior quality. They are lightweight and the general touch and the feel of the ball is also better. For training purposes, you can use balls that are tough and can resist the constant wear and tear.

A player must take into account the size and weight of the soccer ball as well. It comes from size 1 to 5, with size 5 meant for adults or seasoned players. Generally, a soccer ball has 32 panels. The panels affect the flight and speed of the ball. You can get many qualities and designs in these soccer balls.

The one you choose also depends on your personal preferences, level of play and professional requirements. Some prefer hand stitched soccer balls, while some go for machine made ones. For kids you can get bright colored balls. You can also find balls with interesting cartoon characters or kids soccer balls with fun designs. This can make the game more exciting for the little ones.