Soccer wasn’t always the way it is today. Like every other sport, it has changed and evolved. The origins of soccer or football can be traced back to the Chinese, Egyptians and Romans who played similar games that involved kicking with a ball. Soccer games initially were rough and without any rules.

Modern Soccer

Modern soccer has its roots in England. It was in the mid-19th century that football was played with balls made of leather stuffed with animal bladders. There were no rules as such, but with time it began to take a more formal shape. When its popularity grew at a local level, it gave rise to the opening of associations and competitions were organized among different teams. With competitions and matches taking place more often, rules had to be set to make football a fair game. Within a short span of time, it became a popular sport and from England it spread to Europe and all over the world. 

FIFA - An Important Milestone 

The most important and positive landmark achievement for football was the formation of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) in 1904. It helped formalize the sport because there was a governing body to overlook everything related to the sport. It organized the sport and improved the game by making several changes. FIFA introduced rules, finalized field dimensions, declared some official standards for football, organized competitions and thus the popularity of soccer reached a whole new level. 

Technology Made Soccer Games Even More Popular

Advancements in technology also influenced the sport. VAR (Video Assistant Referee) was introduced to provide fair decisions. Television broadcasting made more football fans in all corners of the world. Soccer games were watched live as millions of fans tuned in for the competitive matches. All these elements contributed to provide a richer experience to the players as well as the spectators and fans.

Latest Facilities and Football Equipment Available for Players

Today we have training centers, clubs and leagues that focus on grooming young talent. Qualified coaches guide the players to work on their strengths. All kinds of facilities are there for the young kids to practice their skills. You can also find quality footballs everywhere from brands at the most reasonable prices. All these factors are shaping modern football and helping it reach newer heights. 

More Than Just a Sport

The attention football received has taken it to unprecedented heights. Soccer games are the favorite of most kids, teenagers and adults around the world. The legendary soccer players produced by the sport are worshiped and admired. Today, football players take huge sums for their contribution to football. Not only has soccer become a popular sport, but also a very lucrative career for the young players. It has also become a billion dollar industry. Companies compete to get the broadcasting rights, sponsors are eager to promote the tournaments, tickets of competitions sell like crazy. Football merchandise are off the racks as soon as they come. This is the passion of football that stays unmatched. 

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