Football or soccer has become one of the most popular games across the world, watched by millions live or at the stadiums. It is a sport loved for the passionate moments it provides, the thrilling actions and the emotions it evokes that brings everyone together. The 90 minutes long game is action-packed with football being the center of attention. All eyes remain glued to the ball, all players are focused on the ball to score goals and all cameras follow the football wherever it goes in the field. Hence, you can imagine the significance of this crucial object called the football or the soccer ball. 

What are Official Soccer Balls

Official soccer balls are those footballs that must meet the standards set by FIFA (The Fédération internationale de football association). If the balls meet the criterion then they qualify as approved for use in official matches and competitions. These standards are there for a reason. The criterion has been set by the soccer governing body to ensure a better and more fair experience for players. The requirements usually revolve around the ball size, its weight, material used and its construction. 

According to FIFA, size 5 is regarded as the official size of the football that is appropriate for adults who want to play professional football. These balls must have a circumference of approximately 27 to 28 inches (68 to 70 centimeters). 

Other sizes of football range from size 4 to size 1, with size 1 being the smallest. The sizes can be chosen according to the age criterion or the skill level of the players. Other than size, weight is also carefully calculated to make sure there is consistency and uniformity across all kinds of matches. The weight of the ball must be between 14 to 16 ounces which is 400 to 450 grams.

Even the design or pattern of the ball that is quite common in modern times is used for a reason. The pentagonal panels or hexagonal panels fit perfectly together to give a spherical shape that offers good flight and retains its shape as well. The design also looks aesthetically appealing and has been a big hit in football.

Story of Improvement

Over the years, football evolved and as it did different kinds of balls were experimented with. Earlier there weren’t any hard or fast rules for official  balls, but gradually the requirements for balls that could be used in competitive matches were set. 

If we go back in history, the first ever footballs were made with animal skin. Charles Goodyear’s invention of vulcanized rubber changed the way balls were made. Before this the size and shape of the ball was dependent on the pig’s bladder which could be different every time. This brought unpredictability to the game. With the use of a rubber bladder, you could count on predictable ball behavior. 

As the years went by, new techniques, materials and technology enabled improvements in the way balls were made. The designs changed, materials changed and with it the sport itself also changed. FIFA played a big part in standardizing the official soccer balls and introduced many rules that gave more structure to the sport. 

Official Soccer Balls by VerveLine

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