Get ready for an extraordinary volleyball experience with our Mudball. Its exceptional anti-slip property minimizes the risk of accidental slips, allowing you to spike with confidence. Play fiercely and let your victory tell the story.

  • Machine stitched with precision for a consistent performance.
  • Synthetic rubber winded bladder for optimal shape retention and bounce.
  • 18 panel design for impact distribution and stable flight.
  • Light weight for quick maneuvers.

Machine-stitched: Our volleyball is machine-stitched for durability and consistent performance. The precision of each stitch ensures that the ball maintains its structural integrity over a long period. Serve with confidence because our ball is built to endure rigorous play.

SR Winded Bladder: Synthetic Rubber Bladder is used for optimal shape retention and bounce. It provides a steady and reliable performance as it is less prone to variations. The bladder is winded with thread to keep the volleyball intact and dent-free.

18 Panel Design: The 18 Panel design offers the perfect balance of flight stability and responsiveness. Elevate your game with a ball that blends performance and aesthetics seamlessly.

Light Weight: lt weighs approximately 280 Grams so you can experience agility like never before. Perfect for quick plays and fast maneuvers, our volleyball lets you navigate the court with ease.