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Unleash the power of precision with ROAR soccer ball. It is machine-stitched for durability and made from TPU textured material, providing the perfect balance of flexibility and toughness. Grab our latest arrival now and let the field thunder with the roars of victory.

  • TPU textured material for durability and strong grip.
  • Synthetic rubber winded bladder for optimal shape retention and bounce.
  • Machine stitched with precision for a consistent performance.
  • Traditional 32 panel design for impact distribution and stable flight.
  • Official standard size 5 soccer ball.

Cover Material: TPU material is used to construct the outer surface. This high-quality material provides the perfect blend of endurance and responsiveness. The textured finish ensures a strong and reliable grip. The middle layer is Eva foam padding for a more comfortable playing experience and reduce the risk of injuries. The last layer is PC 85G cotton fabric for a light-weight feel and steady performance.

Bladder: Synthetic Rubber Bladder is used in the core of the football for optimal shape retention and bounce. It provides a steady and reliable performance as it is less prone to variations. The bladder is winded with thread to keep the football intact and dent-free.

Machine-stitched: the tight and uniform stitching makes the ball robust enough to withstand the wear and tear. It also allows a more consistent performance. The durability and reliability of the ball make it an ideal choice for entry-level play.

Size & Weight: the ball has the official size 5 and is perfect for young players (9-14yrs)  to develop their skills and confidence. It weighs approx. 430 Grams. This optimal weight provides young players with a ball that strikes the right balance between responsiveness and ease of handling.

Panel Design: It has a traditional 32 panel design for impact distribution, stable flight and predictable ball movement. It is perfect for an optimized performance and enhancing the ball’s longevity.