Volleyball has a rich history. Since it was invented in Massachusetts in 1895 by William G. Morgan, volleyball has come a long way. It is a team sport played by 6 members on each  team. The goal is to keep the ball from touching the ground. You score points if the ball lands on the ground on the side of the opposing team. 

Volleyball is widely popular especially in Brazil, but now it is gaining a lot of popularity in the US. The sport has a global appeal because it has simple rules, easy-to-learn techniques and people of all skill levels can enjoy it. Those looking for a fun activity that involves challenge as well can give it a go. People love to play it on the beach in the hot summer months. It is not just a recreational activity but also evolved as a professional sport. Volleyball officially became part of Olympics in 1957.

Benefits of Volleyball:

  • Improves body Balance
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Fun Social activity that improves social skills
  • Build teamwork spirit
  • Reduces Stress

What you Require to Play Volleyball

  • You should be Agile
  • Have Endurance

Indoor volleyball is played on a court. The sport requires volleyballs, net and professional gear. The increasing number of volleyball clubs, academies, and training institutes are creating a demand for improved quality volleyball equipment. The balls used for the game come in a lot of varieties. As the game is gaining more popularity, more technological advanced balls are being introduced in the market.

Some come with enhanced aerodynamics that offer a better grip. You can select from a huge range from PVC surface volleyballs, PU surface balls, rubber ones or more eco-friendly types. Which ball you choose also depends on the purpose of usage, whether you want it for a recreational game, for training or a professional competition. 

Volleyball Equipment:


These are usually the same size. There is little difference between size and size 5. Size 4 is usually for training and is 18 and 20 centimeters in diameter. Size 5 balls are suitable for professional use and measure between 20 and 22 centimeters. Tough the size is almost the same, but they can weigh different.