The kind of cricket bat you get will directly impact your performance. A batsman should get a bat that suits his style of playing, gives him control on his shots and most of all he should feel comfortable while playing with it. Not only should a bat have a good grip but how heavy or light it is also plays a big part in the performance. If you get the wrong weight you can end up facing more Yorkers or losing your balance. 

Choosing Your Cricket Bat

There are so many options available in the market that getting a cricket bat can be an overwhelming task. The best thing you can do is to do your research. All manufacturers boast of top quality bats so you must be aware of what you require and if the price justifies the quality of the bat. 

Enhance Your Confidence With the Right Bat

When you walk to the crease you should be confident that your bat won’t fail you. The size of the bat you get depends on your physique and on how tall you are. People above 5 feet six inches generally get a short handle bat. Other than that, there are academy size bats or junior sizes bats available as well. 

The weight of the bat is another factor that needs careful consideration. Cricket bats available in the market can go from 2lb 6oz and can be even over 3lb. Those who like to hit hard prefer bats weighing 2lb 12oz +.

Sialkot Cricket Bats

It is for a reason that the city of Sialkot is famous for producing world class sports goods that are exported internationally. The city is not new to making sports products. It has developed this reputation after decades of manufacturing sports goods. Even back in 1883 it was manufacturing cricket bats as well as hockey and polo sticks. Over the years, the quality has evolved and now sialkot is exporting to many countries and providing products for top-notch brands. So when you are getting a cricket bat made in Sialkot you can rely on getting a good quality worth the price. 

Sialkot Cricket Bats Prices

Many types of cricket bats are available in the market like full profile bats, bats with thick edges, concave shapes and bats with round or flat faces. Be sure to check the pick-up of the bat because you must be able to move around the bat easily. 

Bat prices can vary depending on the quality. Do not get carried away and spend too much on a  bat if you are playing cricket as a hobby. It makes more sense for serious players to invest in quality cricket bats because it can go a long way in perfecting their technique. And this investment will pay them in return. 

Find meticulously crafted cricket bats at the most reasonable prices by getting bats by Sialkot manufacturers. You can get these bats for as cheap as Rs 14,24. These bats are available in poplar wood that promise reliability and can get you those powerful hits you want. The prices vary according to the features and specifications. You can find bats ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000. These bats are suitable for both training and intense competitions. If it provides a firm grip and you feel in control when holding it then that bat is meant for you.