There are a lot of factors that go into making top quality soccer balls. First, let’s understand the basic criteria for judging the quality of a ball. The outer layer goes beyond the mere aesthetics. Material selection is a determining factor for training and performance as it directly impacts the grip, bounce, and consistency. The type of stitching and bladder also need to be considered. When looking for soccer balls, you will notice the mention of these components. It’s best to understand them well in order to do better analysis. Here’s a guide on what to look for when buying the best soccer ball.

When it comes to the exhilarating world of soccer, a few stand out amidst the many. These soccer balls steal the spotlight due to their cutting-edge technology, innovative designs, and overall merit. They meet the standards of excellence and earn the title of the best in the business. Let’s have a look at the top 5 best soccer balls for training and matches.


The Adidas Glider 2 Soccer Ball is used for both trainings and matches. It is constructed from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a high-quality material used for soccer balls. It is a hard-wearing ball which means it is designed to withstand the impact from various surfaces without losing its bounce. It provides a consistent performance over a long period and its bladder is made from butyl rubber. The butyl bladders have lower air permeability. The superior air retention feature spares you from the hassle of constantly inflating the ball.


Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball has that old-school vibe to it. It’s a classic choice and great for casual play. Its leather panels have the traditional black and white design. It is machine-stitched which means it is more affordable and durable. Wilson soccer ball is ideal for beginners who do not require the advanced features of high-end balls.


Crown is a soccer ball size 5 which means that it is intended for the age group of 12 years and older. It is made from TPU making it resistant to the impact from various surfaces and different weather conditions. This ball is machine-stitched. The choice between machine and hand stitching depends on the intended use. For more uniformity and durability, machine-stitched soccer balls serve better.

Crown has a traditional 32-panel design allowing better control and predictable ball movement. It has a winded bladder offering optimum shape retention and bounce. Its qualities make it a great choice for both trainings sessions and competitions.


Adidas MLS Club Ball is a size 3 soccer ball. It is one of the best choices for children aged 8 and under. It is machine-stitched keeping in mind the intended users. It provides consistent performance and an ideal bounce making it perfect for training purposes and casual play. Another great thing about it is its washable surface.


Champion Sports Extreme Soccer Ball is designed for serious players. It is a soft yet sturdy and strong ball preventing the chance of injury and assisting in performance. It is used for both casual play and intense competitions. It has a butyl bladder promising optimal air retention and precision. Constructed from composite material, this soccer ball is shipped deflated so you can inflate it to your liking.