Volleyball is an interesting sport played by two teams who try to hit the ball over the net on the other side by using their hands and the other team has to prevent it from hitting the ground before returning the ball.


The history of volleyball goes back to 1895 and ever since the sport has evolved to become more popular. The gripping team sport has enjoyed an enthusiastic fan following all over the world and Pakistan is no exception. Volleyball gained attention in Pakistan when it surfaced on the national level, this was when the Pakistan Volleyball Federation came into being in 1955. Today many young men and women participate in Volleyball matches and competitions both at college and professional level. It is a sport that challenges the young athletes to push their limits to perform their best and keeps them active and fit.

Benefits of Volleyball

Volleyball is not a sport in which you focus on your individual performance only but it is more about getting involved with other teammates and communicating with them in an effective manner to reach the common goal. It also allows fast thinking as well as time management skills. Other than that, the athleticism and training it involves ensures that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Volleyballs in Pakistan

If you are interested in pursuing this sport then get your equipment fast. All you need is a good volleyball and a net to get started. 

The quality of volleyball in Pakistan is generally good and these are very reasonably priced. There are many manufacturers who specialize in volleyballs and their equipment boasts quality and performance. They understand the construction of the ball and know how to make it to optimize performance. The balls are made after studies and research and that is how the size and weight of a ball is determined. These manufacturers know what works and what doesn’t.

In Pakistan, you can get a very impressive range of volleyballs which are machine stitched. 18 panel design promises great control over the ball. The highly engineered design offers reliability and that is what you want in a high intensity match.

There are different types of volleyballs available in the market. The kind you get depends where you intend to play the game. People play it indoors, at the beach, in the park and so on. Indoor volleyball is typically played in an indoor court. The youth volleyball ball played in a court is 63 to 65-centimeters and for adults the ball is 65 to 67-centimeters. These balls are generally light-weighted to make it easy for the athletes to play with it in the intense competitions. 

The balls in the market vary in qualities. The ones that are used for recreational purposes come with different specifications and for professionals the quality is obviously superior. You can find volleyballs in foam, synthetic and leather material. When buying the ball, check its durability and the feel of the ball as it can tell you how it will respond to you when you are in action. 

Volleyballs in Pakistan are not only of premium quality but these are available at reasonable prices as well. The prices can range from Rs 2500 to Rs 1800 which is quite reasonable. If you are lucky you get great deals also.