In the exciting world of professional sports, some players become more than just great athletes. They become heroes to their fans. While an extraordinary batting average or an exceptional bowling record certainly contributes to their popularity, it is the qualities like charm, charisma, and an ability to connect – that make these players endearing figures in the hearts of fans.

In Pakistan, where cricket is more than just a sport – it's a cultural phenomenon – the concept of fan favorites goes on the next level. Take, for instance, Shahid Afridi, affectionately known as Boom Boom. The former Pakistan captain and a star of the PSL, Afridi's infectious enthusiasm, and fearless style of play made him a fan favorite. He wasn't just a cricketer; he was a symbol of hope, resilience, and a never-say-die attitude for millions of cricket enthusiasts.

Similarly, Babar Azam, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, has emerged as a fan favorite for his consistency and class. His elegant stroke play and unwavering focus have won him admirers not just in Pakistan but also across the globe. But it's not just about the star players. The PSL has also seen lesser-known players rise to the status of fan favorites due to their dedication, hard work, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

From Fan to Future Star; Following in the Footsteps of Your PSL Cricket Heroes

Learning from the best is crucial to achieving your dreams. By watching your favorite players, you can pick up their skills and techniques. The heroes of PSL become inspirations for many aspiring athletes. They serve as a source of motivation to the amateur players dreaming to become pros one day.

You can also learn about their mindset and work ethic, which are just as important as talent. Most importantly, seeing someone you admire succeed can motivate you to work harder and never give up on your goals.

If you dream of becoming a pro cricketer one day like your favourite cricket stars, here is a small guide for you. Learn from your favourites and see what you can do to turn your plans into action and dreams into reality.

  1. Haris Rauf

Haris Rauf fondly known as ‘Mr. 150’ and ‘Speed Gun’ is one of the best pacers in the Pakistan Cricket team at the moment. His journey from a laborer to an international cricketer is a powerful story of determination. As a young person dreaming to become a professional cricketer, there is much to learn from his journey and the qualities that define him.

Resilience is the key

Haris Rauf’s journey was tough to say the least. His father worked as a welder and he worked in a mobile shop. Rauf played cricket on the side for teams that paid him and covered his travel expenses. He did not have a ‘sifarish’ or strong financial background. But his resilience has taken him where he is today.

Avail the Opportunities

Whenever you will hear about success stories, you will see one aspect quite common to many stories. They all availed the opportunities that came their way. Sometimes we under-estimate ourselves, or are too afraid of failure and rejection that we do not even try. But one of the best things you can do for yourself is make use of the opportunities. This is what Rauf did. He took part in the trials for Lahore Qalanders talent hunt program and eventually proved his mettle to the selectors.

Develop a Learning Attitude

Rauf's humility and willingness to learn are qualities that set him apart. Despite achieving success at a young age, he remains grounded and constantly seeks ways to improve. He listens to advice, absorbs knowledge, and uses it to better his game. This ability to learn and adapt is a valuable lesson for young cricketers who aspire to reach the top.

The Importance of Mentorship

Mentors play a crucial role in one’s success. If you get a chance to go under mentorship, it’s a great opportunity to learn and polish your talent. Rauf was nurtured and developed by Aqib Javed who once said, "He is a special character... He knows what he is doing and what he wants to do. The clarity in his mind about what he wants is exceptional." This statement encapsulates the essence of Rauf's success. His clear vision, self-awareness, and unwavering commitment to his goals have been instrumental in his rise to stardom.

Haris Rauf’s Bowling Technique

Haris Rauf utilizes a combination of raw pace, variations, and swing to trouble batsmen. Haris Rauf bowling speed is 140s to 150s km/h. He keeps the pressure on batsmen, while his yorkers, bouncers, and slower balls keep them guessing. He is also adept at swinging the ball both ways and maintains accuracy throughout his spells.

  1. Naseem Shah

Naseem Shah, hailing from Lower Dir, a small town in Pakistan, is a rising star in the world of cricket. At just 16 years of age, he became the youngest male cricketer to make his Test debut for Pakistan in November 2019. This feat alone speaks volumes about his talent and potential.

He is an extra-ordinary cricketer. There is a reason why even the most experienced batsmen are afraid of facing the bowling of this young boy. Shah has some qualities that set him apart and young people look upto him for all the right reasons. Let’s see what you can learn from Naseem Shah.

  1. Top of Form

Bowling Technique:

Naseem Shah's bowling technique is a blend of raw pace, seam movement, and a sharp bouncer. With an action that is both smooth and powerful, Shah generates speeds that often exceed 145 km/h. This pace, coupled with his ability to move the ball both ways, makes him a potent threat to any batting lineup. Naseem Shah fastest ball is 147.5 kph.


In addition to his pace and seam movement, Shah has also developed a number of variations to keep batsmen guessing. He can bowl an effective bouncer and a well-disguised slower ball, which he uses strategically to outfox batsmen. His ability to mix up his pace and lengths makes him a difficult bowler to predict.

Handling High-Pressure Situations: Despite his young age, Naseem Shah displays an incredible level of fearlessness on the field. He is not afraid to take on the best batsmen in the world and has shown the ability to rise to the occasion in high-pressure situations.

Maturity Matters: Naseem Shah's maturity is beyond his years. He has shown a level of composure and calmness on the field that is rare in such a young cricketer. This maturity allows him to make good decisions under pressure and handle the ups and downs of international cricket.

Work on the Skill: Naseem Shah's work ethic is exemplary. He is known for his dedication and commitment to his craft, often putting in long hours of practice to hone his skills. This hard work has paid off, as he continues to improve and develop as a cricketer.

Stay Grounded: Despite his rapid rise to fame, Naseem Shah remains grounded and humble. He is known for his polite and respectful demeanor, both on and off the field. This humility has won him respect from teammates, opponents, and fans alike.

Resilience: Naseem Shah has shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. He has had to deal with personal tragedies, including the loss of his mother during a domestic match, but has continued to perform at a high level. This resilience sets him apart and makes him an inspiration to others.

  1. Babar Azam

Babar Azam, the pride of Pakistan and a beacon of hope for aspiring cricketers worldwide. Picture this: A young boy playing cricket on the streets of Lahore with a tape-ball and a dream in his heart. That's where Babar's journey began. With his exceptional skills and an innate love for the game, he quickly rose through the ranks, catching the attention of selectors and fans alike.

Remember, the road to success may be challenging, but with the right attitude and dedication, you too can achieve your dreams. Here's to aspiring to be the best version of ourselves, just like Babar Azam.

Commitment to Craft and Composure

Babar Azam's journey isn't just about talent; it's about the qualities that make him stand out. His unyielding commitment to his craft, coupled with his humility and grace, has earned him respect both on and off the field. Babar's resilience in the face of challenges, his ability to learn and adapt, and his calm under pressure are traits that set him apart.

Nutrition and Fitness

Behind every great athlete is a well-planned nutrition and fitness regimen, and Babar Azam is no exception. He follows a balanced diet rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential nutrients to fuel his body for training and match days. Babar's fitness routine includes a mix of cardio, strength training, and agility exercises, ensuring he is at peak physical condition to perform at his best.

Babar’s Batting Technique

Babar Azam is a rockstar in cricket. He's a right-handed batsman and one of the top players in international cricket right now. His strong base lets him hit those front and back foot shots like a boss. Babar Azam ODI centuries are 19 at the moment. He's got eagle eyes, nailing timing and placement every time. He crushes those drives and cuts on the off-side, and he's got a bunch of other shots up his sleeve too. His adaptability across formats is legendary, with a solid record in Test cricket, ODIs, and T20Is. The cricket bat used by Babar Azam is Gray Nicolls Vapour.

  1. Shaheen Shah Afridi

Let's talk about the rise of Shaheen Shah Afridi, the young cricket sensation who's making waves in the world of cricket. Born in Khyber Agency, Pakistan, Shaheen's cricket journey began in the streets of his village. With an incredible passion for the game, he started playing cricket with his brothers and friends, and it wasn't long before his talent caught the eye of selectors. Shaheen Shah Afridi total wickets in Test matches are 113 in just 29 matches.

Fitness and Training Routine

To become a world-class bowler, you need more than just talent – you need to be fit and disciplined. That's exactly what Shaheen focuses on. He follows a strict routine that includes strength training, endurance workouts, and agility drills. And let's not forget about nutrition – Shaheen ensures he eats right to stay energized and ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.

Shaheen Shah Afridi's diet is balanced and focused on providing him with the energy and nutrients he needs to fuel his training and matches. He includes a mix of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in his meals and stays hydrated with water and electrolyte-rich drinks.

Bowling Technique

At 6'6" tall, he's a tall, imposing figure on the field. He's got a killer bounce and can make the ball swing both ways, which keeps batsmen on their toes. His ability to pick up wickets when the pressure's on has made him a game-changer for Pakistan. Afridi also has a deceptive slower delivery in his arsenal, making him a complete bowler with a variety of skills. Additionally, he maintains control and accuracy, making him a potent threat on any surface.

Qualities That Set Him Apart

What makes Shaheen stand out as a world-class bowler is his mental toughness. He stays cool under pressure and always gives his best on the field. And he's not just about talent – he's got a strong work ethic and is always looking to improve his game. He listens to advice and uses it to refine his skills.

Shaheen's journey from the streets of his village to the international cricketing arena is a story that inspires us all. So, whether you're a budding cricketer or just someone who loves the game, Shaheen's journey is proof that anything is possible with dedication and working hard in the right direction.

  1. Dawid Malan

Let's delve into the extraordinary journey of David Malan, the stalwart batsman who has been a consistent performer for England's cricket team. David's rise to prominence in the international cricketing arena is nothing short of inspiring.

Batting Technique

Now, let's focus on David's batting technique, which is a delightful blend of style, grace, and power. Dawid Malan batting position is left-handed top-order batter. As you watch him at the crease, notice how he stands tall and confident, ready to take on any challenge. His range of shots is diverse – from commanding drives to deft flicks, he's got it all.

His footwork is swift and precise, allowing him to maneuver the ball with ease. It's his instinctive understanding of the game and his ability to adapt to different bowling styles that make him a formidable batsman.

Nutrition and Fitness Routine

Let's talk about something equally important – David's commitment to fitness and nutrition. He believes that a healthy body is the foundation of a successful cricketing career. David follows a strict diet that's rich in protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

His fitness regimen includes cardio, strength training, and agility exercises. Remember, it's crucial to stay hydrated and maintain proper nutrition to fuel your body for those long hours of practice and intense matches.

Personal Qualities

Lastly, let's discuss the qualities that make David Malan not just a great cricketer, but also a great role model. His mental resilience, determination, and unwavering focus on his goals are traits that every aspiring cricketer should strive for. His humility, approachability, and respect for the game are qualities that set him apart. Remember, it's not just about the talent – it's about the attitude and the effort you put in every day.