When it comes to team sports cricket is very popular. It can be termed as the second most popular game in the world, the first being soccer. Cricket originated from England but now many countries have their own national teams that compete against one another during tours, tournaments and world championships. 

The game has evolved and changed a lot from its original traditional format. Today we not only have one day innings (50 overs format), test matches, cricket series but also T-20s (20 overs format) and many cricket tournaments that keep fans excited all year round. Whenever these tournaments take place the tickets sell in minutes and fans fill up the stadium to support their favorite team. Very often live coverage is given to these events which has helped increase the sports popularity and fan base. 

The Game 

The bat and ball game is played between two teams comprising 11 players and each team takes turns batting and bowling. Having said that, it doesn’t mean it can’t be played without eleven players. Those who love it can start practicing with as many people as they want to and all you need is a bat and a ball and enthusiasm for the sport. Recreational cricket can be played at home, parks or streets and competitive cricket is played on the pitch.

Cricket helps to build stamina, improves overall fitness and teaches you how to take pressure and perform. It is very important not to lose focus and focus on your end goal. Cricketers believe that it is more of a game of mental toughness. 

If you are interested in the sport then here are a few things you need to know. Let us first find out the cricket product you need to buy:

Cricket Products

  • Bat
  • Ball
  • Cricket Stumps
  • Cricket Bail
  • Protective Gear including Batting Helmet and Pads

Bat and Ball

A bat and a ball is a must for playing cricket. These come in different varieties and in different price ranges. Bats are available in varied weights and styles. The grains on the bats are the indicators of its quality and anything between 6 to 12 is considered among quality bats. Hard ball is often used in professional matches. Its quality can be gauged by the stitching around the seam. A professional cricket ball can cause injuries if it hits you hard hence protective gear is recommended. 

Protective Gear

It is best to be safe because the risk of injury is high in cricket. From batting leg guards, lower body protectors to wicket keeping gloves and wicket keeping pads - all cricket equipment is designed to make it a safer game for the players that helps enhance the performance. For training purposes you can always use a soft ball.


Cricket is among the oldest sports that has only built its fan base over the years. It has produced many cricket legends from different countries who have managed to break records and build new ones. A cricket match can often be quite interesting as it can get quite unpredictable with every ball. Very often the losing team wins at the last ball. Cricket has managed to stay a popular sport because it has so much to give to the players. Its viewership has only increased with the passage of time and thus we see a growing interest in young athletes for cricket.

Usman Farooq